We provide insurance claim consulting services for the policyholder, restoration contractor, as well as many of the largest national property management firms. The insurance company has experts working for them, and you should too! As one of the nation premier claim consulting firms, our focus is maximizing and expediting our client financial recovery from insurance claims. Our personalized service and proven expertise are trademarks of our reputation.

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Commercial Property Claims

Theft, Fire or smoke damage, Hurricane, Water Leak, Vandalism, Collapse.

While the physical damage from any one of these disasters might be devastating enough, the resultant damage to the normal flow of business operation often proves to be the greater loss.

Our team of professionals at Alliance Group are ready to act as your advocate in your Commercial Property Loss. We provide the needed expertise and resources to professionally document, present and negotiate your claim with your insurance company.

Residential Property Claims

For most of us, our home is our single largest investment. When a leak, fire, a sinkhole, a hurricane, or an act of vandalism damages your property, it is a very traumatic experience for everyone involved. It is essential both emotionally and financially to restore your property to its previous condition. After filing their insurance claim, many homeowners unfortunately discover that the insurance claims process has become complicated in recent years.

The insurance company adjuster is paid by the insurance company to determine the amount that will be paid to the policyholder. Frequently, however, the insurance company representatives and the property owner disagree about the coverage available under the policy and over the value of the settlement.

At Alliance Group we take our job seriously. We prepare, document, and protect your interest throughout the claims process. We present your claim in the language of the claims industry to bring your claim to its proper conclusion.

When disaster strikes, you need a team of credentialed and experienced professionals to act on your behalf in the property claims process.

Fire Claims

Fire is one of the most common causes of property damage, resulting in serious problems for homeowners, businesses and commercial property owners. In addition to damage from fire and smoke, there may also be problems related to the process of putting out the fire , such as water or chemicals inside the building, and potential damage to the building’s structure, electrical  and heating-cooling systems.

Regardless of the cause of a fire (explosion/gas leak, lightning, electrical, grease, etc.), an owner needs to make quick decisions while still under a great deal of stress and confusion. Who should we to call? Where do we stay tonight? Which belongings escaped unharmed? What exactly did we have in the building? How can we start the clean-up process?

Alliance Groups’ claim consultants are there to help you put your insurance to work for you. We have the experience and the knowledge to answer your immediate questions and help you through the complicated claims process. One of the first things we do is to evaluate all of the damage and take a good hard look at your policy. Determining the “scope of loss” and analyzing your policy will help us best determine the best way to move forward with your claim to get you the maximum possible settlement.

When we evaluate fire damage, we look carefully at all the damage related to the fire, including smoke, soot, raw heat and of course, all of the water or other extinguishing materials. You should be paid in full for all of the damage – not just part of it.

If you live in a multi-unit building and one of the other units is damaged by fire, you should call us. Your residence may have suffered damage from soot, smoke or heat that may not be apparent. Find out for sure whether or not you have a claim worth filing by calling us for a complimentary, no­ obligation property evaluation.

Water Damage Claims

Typical water damage is caused by visible or hidden pipe breaks, pipe breaks below your slab (slab leaks), pipe bursts, shower pan leaks, broken pipes, backed up HVAC line, hot water heater line break, ice maker supply line break, overflowing shower, overflowing toilet or overflowing sink, sudden and accidental leak on your covered property.

Water damage is less likely to be caused by flooding after heavy rains than by a burst or broken plumbing pipe, a break in a dishwasher hose, or a blockage in your plumbing system. These issues can lead to very costly damage to your property.

When we inspect your property, we will look for all of the damage caused by your plumbing or pipe burst claim that your insurance company may have overlooked. We work on your behalf, not the insurance company, to make sure that you receive the maximum possible settlement.

Completing the repairs from water damage can be a monumental job. Alliance Group can make the repair process seamless by assisting with every step of the recovery process.

Alliance Group will represent your interest, making sure that your claim is handled properly.

Hail Damage Claims

Severe weather events such as super cell thunderstorms and the destructive tornadoes that follow remind us of Mother Nature power and fury. Seemingly, not a year goes by that we witness communities in tornado alley being devastated by these awesome forces of nature. Communities damaged by these storms suffer significant hail damage to homes, businesses, and government property such as schools and other municipal buildings.

Many adjusters and the insurance companies they work for may have different adjusting standards outlined in their respective claim department manuals. If the hailstorm was severe enough, visible damages should be obvious and undisputed by the field adjuster inspecting the property and thus coverage of the loss should be confirmed early on in the process. This is the easy part.

In many claims however, there may be other issues you will face such as the scope of damages and the dollar amount your insurance adjuster says you are going to get paid given the insurance policy terms and conditions.

Often, the assigned insurance adjuster training, experience and knowledge of this type of adjustment process will play a very important part in how your claim is settled.

A common issue that arises is if you will be paid to replace the complete roof or if a patch job will be offered as a partial repair.

The next question is if the insurance adjuster will apply deprecation to your roof and if so, is it fair and reasonable? While auguring over the scope of loss and price of the repair may seem like a good thing, (at least the insurance company acknowledges that you have a covered loss) there are many other cases where the insurance company will dispute the damages were caused by hail, claiming previous wear and tear. This is where you may need the professional help of Alliance Group that will represent your best interests

Knowledge and information is power. The questions to ask as well as what you are entitled to in an insurance loss adjusting process from a hail event? Whether you a have hail damage to a modified bitumen roof, a built-up roof, sprayed polyurethane foam application, metal roof, cedar shake roof or any number of tile roofs, chances are you have recoverable damages as a result of a severe hail event in your community. Your roof is one the most important building components of your property. You need to have the damages documented and the adjustment process completed professionally to get you indemnified for your loss. A fair and honest settlement for your covered roof damage is not only important to you but also should be in the best interest of your insurance company as well.

Do not be victimized in the adjustment and repair replacement process, it just makes good sense to have a team of professionals working on your side to get you covered for your hailstorm loss.

Wind Damage Claims

Most property insurance contracts cover the peril of windstorm to include tornado, hurricane, tropical storm and even wind storm damage associated with thunderstorms.

Typically, a property insurance policy covers direct physical damage from windstorm. If direct physical damage is obvious, such as entire roofs/walls or portions of roofs/walls blown away, then a coverage determination becomes easy. Then the major concern of the property owner becomes, “What is the full cost of repair or replacement to make me whole again?” Sometimes however, the damage from a covered peril is not so obvious. The expert consultants at Alliance Group can point you in the right direction.